07.12.24 - My short story Celia Ann is published at the excellent Spelk Fiction

05.07.14 - My story Urban Decay featured in the anthology Twelve Mad Men released today.

08.01.13 - Babs Morton kindly has me over on her excellent blog

25.06.13 - Dark Voices a collection of my short stories was released today.

03.06.13 - My first novella The Bank Manager and the Bum was released today.

26.03.13 - Tales From The Longcroft 2 is out today. 

26.09.12 - My story Devil's Advocate is in the Charity anthology Off The Record 2 out today.

29.04.12 - Stories of mine in two charity anthologies released:

Burning Bridges: A Renegade Fiction Anthology features my story Punishment & Lola.

True Brit Grit - Features my story Dope On A Rope.

24.03.12 - My story Shades of Grey is up at the excellent Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers

13.03.12 - Last weekend I attended the launch for Radgepacket 6 which contains my Longcroft story A Good Day. I had a cracking weekend and I hope you consider buying the book and supporting a great publisher and lots of talent writers.

21.02.12 - The first kindle download in the series of my Tales From The Longcroft Estate now available exclusively by Byker Books.

14.02.12 - I have a story called Boardroom Massacre up At The Bijou. I also answer a few questions

09.02.12 - Offically signed for Byker Books with the Longcroft Tales which will be a digital download. Here is the press release:

07.02.12 - My Tales From The Longcroft Estate are to be taken up by Byker books with the first volume due out in the near future. Look our for news here!

19.01.12 - My tragicomic tale The Sad End of Ernest Winthorpe is up at Flash Jab Fiction today:

12.01.12 - My 100 word story Paint It Black has been added to the fiction section of this site.

31.12.11 - I am honoured to have been included in Nigel Bird's top 10 short reads of the year.

30.12.11 - Elizabeth A. White kindly mentions my story in her review for Off The Record.

17.12.11 - My Story Dope On A Rope features in Brit Grit Too a charity anthology edited by Paul D. Brazill released today.

06.12.11 - My guest blog article features on Trestle Press website:

26.11.11 - My story Karma Police features in the Off The Record charity anthology released today.

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